How can Art Therapy help?

Art therapy can help with:

  • Self awareness and acceptance
  • Seeing things from a different perspective 
  • Encouraging creativity for wellbeing
  • Expression of emotions
  • Developing healthy coping skills
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence
  • Resilience 
  • Making positive choices
  • Improving communication 
  • Identifying blocks to personal growth
  • Developing new approaches
  • Developing a more integrated sense of self

Who might benefit from Art Therapy?

People with a range of experiences including:

  • Stress, anxiety & depression
  • Grief & loss
  • Recovery from childhood trauma
  • Life transitions, relocation & changes
  • Trauma & crisis
  • Illness and pain
  • Somatic symptoms
  • Dementia
  • ASD
  • Family and relationship issues
  • Body image and disordered eating 
  • Exploring identity
  • Career issues

Artful Therapies 

Creatively supporting wellbeing, healing & development

Art Therapy

Art therapy provides an opportunity to address feelings and concerns in a creative and non-intrusive way. It can be helpful when you need a bit of  extra support, are dealing with long term issues, or want to find ways to help your own wellbeing.

No art experience or skills are needed to benefit. The emphasis is on exploration, expression and creativity, not on judging the end product. Art therapy is suitable for people of all ages,  backgrounds and abilities. You are supported in expressing what may be difficult to put into words or can better be expressed creatively.

Working collaboratively with Anne, the art therapist, the process enables you to reflect on your situation, develop greater self awareness and understanding, and make considered choices.


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Artful Therapies