Artful Therapies

Appointments for Children and Teenagers.

If you would like to make an appointment for your child please contact me.

I will meet with you to talk about your child's needs and how best I can work with your child.

Individual sessions for children and teenagers offer a chance for them to address personal difficulties in a confidential and supportive environment. 

Sometimes it can be difficult for a child or young person to make sense of how they feel and even more difficult to put it into words.   Art therapy and sandplay therapy both provide young people with creative and comfortable ways of exploring their concerns.

Using art and creativity as a non threatening and non directive means of expression, young people are able to find the confidence to express themselves and begin to find a way forward. This is a natural form of expression for children and young people.

I have experience working with children from pre schoolers through to late teens, enabling them to express and address their concerns in a safe, engaging and non judgemental environment.

Individual  sessions are age appropriate and tailored to suit each person. For younger children this might include play as well as art.   

​​How Art Therapy and Sandplay Therapy can help 

The needs and goals for each young person are different and therefore the outcomes will vary.  However, generally art therapy and sandplay therapy can help children and teenagers to:

Make sense of a situation

Develop self awareness

Express feelings and communicate them effectively

Improve confidence

Increase resilience and coping strategies

Learn to cope with their feelings

Develop new ways of thinking     
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​Artful Therapies

creatively supporting healing, wellbeing & development 

Individual sessions for children and teenagers

When might children and young people come to Artful Therapies?There are many times when children and young people might need some extra support and a chance to address their personal concerns in an age appropriate, therapeutic way. These situations include:

Friendship and bullying problems

Family relationships

Illness and bereavement

Eating disorders and body image 

Worries and stress about school

Domestic violence


Life transitions