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Creative Wellbeing and Art Therapy for groups

Art therapy groups offer the benefits of art therapy together with a chance to interact and connect with others. Groups are enjoyable, therapeutic and creative.

Art therapy workshops and courses can be organised around a particular theme or for a specific group of people. Examples include:

  • Art journaling for wellbeing

  • Self care for Carers

  • Creativity and recovery for cancer patients

  • Creative retreats 

If you would like to organise an art therapy workshop for a community, school or private group please contact me and we can discuss options.

I also provide information sessions and workshops introducing art therapy for professionals, schools and organisations.


Artful Therapies

Creative Wellbeing

Group Art Therapy

Creative Wellbeing for individuals

Rediscovering or learning to use our creativity can have significant and lasting impacts on our wellbeing.

Whether it's to reduce stress, help to create a better lifestyle balance or simply to enjoy bringing some more creative expression into our lives, creativity is valuable at any life stage. We don't need to be experiencing difficulties to want to enhance our creativity and try out new ways.

If you love the idea of trying some art, crafts or creative writing but feel structured classes aren't for you, we can work together to introduce some more creative activity into your life in a way which best suits you.

Creative Wellbeing for therapists

Self care for therapists and counsellors is always important and can be hard to give priority to. Creative Wellbeing sessions allow you to reflect, recharge and relax and provide creative ways for you to maintain your wellbeing.

Creative Wellbeing for organisations

Tapping into individual and team creativity not only enhances individual and team wellbeing but can lead to more creative and dynamic ways of operating. 

I use creativity with individuals and teams in order to enhance and encourage their own creativity for the wellbeing of the individual or team.